About Us

https://frontofus.tv/ is a virtual broadcast channel that contains and broadcasts many contents to the world.

The channel operators are volunteers who want to show Israel from a different angle. They work with other media in Israel and around the world that share a common interest.

The channel’s purpose

  • It is to change and arouse global public opinion about Israel, to present facts and proofs of Israel’s righteousness.
  • Struggle and explain the nature of anti-Semitism towards the Jewish people.
  • Be aware of the fact that every Jew has the right to be proud of his Judaism anywhere in the world.

A channel is a home for content creators who align with the goals of a website/channel.

This platform allows them to upload and share content.

The platform allows you to upload video content, and you can comment on and share it.

The contents presented on the site are linked from other dimensions, and we allow contents that cannot be linked to be uploaded to our company’s servers.

All the content presented on this channel is under the permission and responsibility of the advertisers. If anyone has a claim to any rights and does not want the content displayed on the site, please contact us.

Some content may be difficult to see. And we allow viewing of an age statement, and consent to viewing.

The channel is not politically supported, and it broadcasts content essential to Israel’s propaganda campaign around the world.

Throughout our advocacy struggle, your support is crucial, and we appreciate every donation you make.

Joseph Pollak